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Laurette Pharma is a specialized collection containing personal care products that are designed to nourish and protect the skin barrier. Our formulas are skin-ph friendly, dermatologically tested, and approved for dry, sensitive and normal skin types.
One bottle of 550 ml last for 400 washes. Laurette Pharma is APB-approved and every products has a CNK-code for use in the officina.

Proprietary ingredients

dermatologically tested, soap-free and parfum-free

Our body wash is made from organic sunflower oil. A plant oil filled with natural fatty acids and vitamins that protect the skin barrier. Its natural oleic acid rejuvenates the skin and has a skin-strengthening effect, keeping it supple and nourished. Ethically sourced from the EU.
We do not use synthetic foaming detergents as excessive foam can have a drying effect on the skin. Common detergents like SLS and SLES also cause unwanted skin irritations after prolonged use. Using a natural oil as a base will keep your skin hydrated, while still providing a good amount of creamy bubbles.
Every product also contains a delicate infusion of the purest essential oils. The oils are extracted from plants or flowers, preserving their antioxidants and beneficial properties. Every essential oil is ethically sourced from the EU, ensuring its quality and purity. Essential oils give our products a divine natural scent and wash of color.

Custom Client Gifts

Minimum order quantity of 250 pieces

Impress your customers by opting for our tailor-made packaging and discover the endless possibilities of customization. Add your logo and phrase to our pharma bottles for the holiday season and other special events.
The minimum order quantity for labels is 250 pieces. The standard bottle of Laurette Pharma Body Wash contains 60ml. Other sizes available on request.

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Laurette Pharma

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Laurette Pharma

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Ethically Sourced

Supporting local farmers across Europe

We invest considerable time in tracing where our raw materials come from to make sure they are sourced and processed in a responsible way. This does not only apply to our ingredients but also to our packaging, which is made from FSC-certified sources.
Most importantly, we carefully select ingredients that meet our highest standards and have proven to be beneficial to the skin. For that reason, we do not use synthetic substances such as fragrances and microplastics as they lack transparency and may cause environmental harm over longer periods of time.

Cruelty-Free & Vegan

Respecting our planet’s fauna and flora

We stand by the industry’s highest standards. This also includes the ban on animal testing. All our products are handcrafted with nutrient-rich ingredients that are not tested on animals. We do not sell our products in countries where animal testing is required.
Building on our sustainable vision, we replaced animal byproducts with plant-derived alternatives. Our planet provides for us and we make efforts to give back and support its well-being. We excel in sourcing natural raw materials that are organic and/or harvested from fair-trade organizations. Ingredients such as honey, carmine, lanolin, or silk are not present in our formulas.
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