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Laurette Pharma

Laurette Pharma is a specialized collection containing personal care products that are exclusively available to certified pharmacists. These specific products contain a proprietary blend of oils and extracts that are designed to nourish and protect the skin barrier, are skin-ph friendly, and are dermatologically tested.
All products are specially designed to meet the high standards required by pharmacies. They have undergone rigorous testing to ensure their safety and effectiveness for use in a professional healthcare environment.

Beauty & Spa

A curated selection of beauty products

Wellness centers and beauty institutes have access to our complete selection of natural beauty products and gift sets. They help support their client’s natural appearance and advise them to find the best products to achieve their best self through self-care.
Beauty and Spa staff are advised to follow our courses and training to get familiar with our product formulas. It ensures they can adequately advise clients and help them achieve the desired result.

Gift Shops

Celebrating meaningful moments

Meaningful moments are all around us. Mother’s Day, Easter, Christmas, and so on. Gift shops provide a shopping experience like no other and help customers find the perfect gift they are looking for.
Laurette offers a variety of gifts for everyone. Gift shops have access to our full range of gifts, ranging from our Mini Treats all the way to our XL Bath and Shower Boxes. Every gift is filled with wonderful products infused with uplifting essential oils to turn your everyday routine into a meaningful self-care ritual.


An elevating experience for your guests

Our exclusive and luxury range of hotel amenities makes a world of difference for your guests’ entire journey. Let them recharge and refresh, from arrival to departure.
Enrich your guests’ entire stay with a touch of everyday indulgence in the form of our luxury dispensers, which can be customized to fit the needs of every hotel. As an extra service, you can offer a selected assortment of Laurette products – available for purchase at reception.
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